Tara Lee Turcotte

Teachers - Grade 3

About Me

Dear First Grader,


    Welcome to your new class. My name is Mrs. Turcotte and I will be your first grade teacher. I have lived in Alberta my entire life, and I have been teaching here at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School for 11 years. This will be my 5th year (not in a row) teaching first grade. I taught third grade for my first few years, first grade for the next three years and grade 5 for the next two years. This year I am very excited to be returning to the first grade classroom!

    I have been married for 9 years ( to Mr. Turcotte) and I have two beautiful children. Their names are Jade (she is 8 and you have probably seen her around) and Kale (he is 4). I have one big black dog, her name is Boston, she is a black lab and she is 10 years old.

    I am looking forward to a wonderful year filled with much learning and a lot of fun. I have so many exciting things planned for us this year. We will be reading books, writing stories, working with Ipads, chromebooks and Smart Boards , conducting science experiments, cooking yummy food, playing math games, going on field trips and much, much, more!

    I know starting a new school year can be a little bit scary, but I promise to help you feel right at home. Remember, I’m a little nervous too! I hope that you had a terrific summer and are all rested up for school. We have many exciting things ahead of us in grade one!




Mrs. Turcotte